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ThermiRF™ in Los Altos, CA

Led by board-certified facial plastic surgeon Harry Mittelman, MD, Mittelman Plastic Surgery in Los Altos is proud to be the only local practice offering ThermiRF™ treatment to the men and women of San Jose, Palo Alto and the surrounding communities of California.

What is ThermiRF™?

ThermiRF™ is an innovative and minimally-invasive cosmetic technology that delivers temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy under the patient’s skin to the target area of treatment.

Past radiofrequency technologies only applied energy on the surface of the skin, but dermal sensitivity to heat limited the amount of energy that could be delivered and the subsequent results. ThermiRF™ is unique because it completely bypasses the outer portion of the skin and delivers radiofrequency energy directly to the deep tissues of the target treatment area. Because the deep tissue layers can withstand higher temperatures, ThermiRF™ can effectively treat a variety of cosmetic concerns without burning or damaging the skin’s surface.

ThermiRF™ has been cleared by the FDA to treat frown lines, and clinical tests have proven that ThermiRF™ is effective for other non-invasive cosmetic applications.

There are three different types of treatments that use the ThermiRF™:

  1. ThermiTight™  – used under the skin for non-surgical tightening of the face, neck, arms and other areas of the body in a single treatment.
  2. ThermiSmooth™ – used on the surface of the skin to smooth the appearance of fine lines and tighten loose facial skin.

Clinical tests have proven that ThermiRF™ can successfully treat the following concerns:

  • Furrows on the forehead or frown lines
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Loose skin on the face and neck
  • Double chin
  • Excessive underarm sweating
  • Loose skin on the neck, arms, abdomen, back bra area, knees and contour irregularities from liposuction

Benefits Of ThermiRF™

While there are many non-invasive thermal treatment options to remove fat, tighten the skin and improve signs of aging, ThermiRF™ is the only cosmetic treatment where the temperature can be adjusted to the individual patient’s comfort and areas of concern. The adjustable temperature also enhances patient safety. Other benefits of ThermiRF™ include:

  • No incisions or major surgery
  • Little to no patient discomfort
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Safe use for all skin types

How Does ThermiRF™ Work

A small puncture is made on the skin using a needle, and a small cannula or probe is inserted into the needle hole under the skin. An electrode at the tip of the cannula delivers a small burst of radiofrequency energy to the treatment area. A temperature gauge attached to the probe allows Dr. Mittelman to carefully observe the precise subdermal temperature underneath the skin, and a high-tech surface camera monitors the temperature of the skin’s exterior surface.

By knowing the subdermal and surface temperatures of the skin, Dr. Mittelman can effectively deliver the optimal level of radiofrequency energy for the ideal results.

What To Expect During ThermiRF™ Treatment

Dr. Mittelman will apply a numbing gel to the skin of the desired area of treatment. Most patients experience a gentle warming sensation throughout the procedure. Individual treatment sessions last anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes, but the length of the entire procedure depends on the size and number of areas treated. Most patients are in and out of the office within an hour. Normal activities can be resumed immediately, but some patients may experience slight swelling following treatment.

What Is The Cost Of The ThermiRF™ Skin Treatment In San Jose?

The price of the ThermiRF™ varies for each person based on the area of the body treated, as well as the number of treatment sessions needed to obtain the desired results. Treatment of under-eye circles, for instance, is less expensive than the treatment of cellulite on the thighs. Dr. Mittelman is committed to making this procedure available to everyone by offering financing options to make your procedure more affordable.

Harry Mittelman, MD, is recognized as a pioneer in facial plastic surgery. As a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, specializing in both surgical and non-surgical or non-invasive cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Mittelman provides his patients with exceptional skills and results that last. For more information on ThermiRF™ or to schedule a private consultation at Dr. Mittelman’s office, please contact us today. We serve the entire Southbay and Bay Area including Los Altos, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Redwood City, Mountain View, San Mateo, San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale and the surrounding areas.

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